Midtown bike sharing survey

Where do you live? Select all that apply

What neighborhood do you live in? If you don’t know the name of your neighborhood, what cross streets are close to you?

What would you use a bike for if you had access to one?

If you had access to a bike you could use, where in your neighborhood would be the most convenient place to start your trip? You can list specific addresses, cross streets or the names of businesses where it would be convenient for you to pick up or return a shared bike.

If you had access to a bike you could use, where would you go on that bicycle? You can list areas of town, like Westport or the Plaza, or specific locations like the names of grocery stores, restaurants or locations like libraries. List as many as you like.

What would keep you from using a bike?

If there were a reduced price membership option for low-income individuals, would you or someone you know be more likely to use the bike share program?

Please add any additional information you think would be helpful to those planning where to put bike sharing stations in Midtown.